Our mission is simple: to complete every job & to depart every operation, feeling confident that the client knows we gave more than what was expected of us.


With Offices in the U.S. & U.K., 29-TEN is a professional global intelligence & security consulting organization;  our prime focus is the evaluation & neutralization of our clients’ specific threats.   We were founded by US Army Counterintelligence officers with global operational experience in assessing & countering foreign espionage operations, assessing terrorist threats & implementing counter-measures. We are skilled in planning & conducting global surveillance operations, developing & implementing US, United Nations & NATO security operations programs & managing global security operations for Fortune 500 corporations. We count our experience in decades, not years. While our company is small, our associations are trusted & global; over our combined 110-years in the intelligence security & law enforcement arenas, we have developed first-person relationships around the globe with security professionals, organizations & government agencies;  these relationships allow us the ability to place needed assets whenever & wherever required - for as long as required.  

29-TEN understands the sensitivity of our support; we offer our clients diligence, discretion & confidentiality; we never discuss our consumers.   We understand that to be successful, we must think “out-of-the-box”, allow our clients to see themselves & their operations as the adversary sees them, learn what the adversary knows & use their own tactics against them.  Our core focus is on analysis of the client’s threat environment, assessing how the threat(s) affect their personnel, organization, facilities & missions. Once we understand the  threat(s),  we develop & employ effective counter-measures, then randomly re-assess to ensure we continue to provide focused support.   

Security Consulting, LLC